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Our Services


AHDO integrated public health and development services are intended to enhance clients both safety and quality which in its turn will be reflected on increased customer satisfaction, market share and, of course, profitability. This includes establishing the clients Pre-requisite Programs (PRPs), creating the food safety culture to the clients’ team, implementation, monitoring, verification, validation, system review and continual improvement.

Our services also include International training programs and qualifications which are developed specially to improve the clients’ performance. This helps our clients to increase their market share.


Our Services Include:


  1. Auditing
  2. Food Safety Consultation; System establishment,             Implementation and Verification
  3. Outsourced Department of Food Safety
  4. Second Party (Supplier) Audit
  5. Layout and Design
  6. Food Poisoning Incidents Investigation
  7. Sushi Safety Program
  8. Legionella Protocol
  9. Sampling
  10. Room Hygiene

2- ADA –  ARAB DEVELOPMENT ACADEMY –  our Highfield approved   training center


3- GCS – GREEN CONTROL SERVICE – integrated pest management services


4- CSS – CLEANING SMART SOLUTIONS – provides safe, clean and reliable environment


5- HSS – HOSPITALITY SOFT SKILLS – enhanced performance


6- MSS – MANUFACTURING SMART SOLUTIONS when safety is not an option


7- AHDO Services in Cooperation with BCI


8- AHDO Services in Cooperation with Swiss Approval International