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Outsourced Department of Food Safety



  • At this real integrated service AHDO accredited food safety caliber(s) will take over the full implementation of the food safety management system (FSMS) at your esteemed property 30 days a month.
  • Our caliber will be available 8 working hours a day.
  • AHDO Hygiene and Hospitality Management will communicate AHDO Professional Caliber(s) to follow up and assess the progress on daily basis to maintain the best quality of performance.
  • AHDO Hygiene and Hospitality Top Management representative will regularly perform On-spot checks on the site to assure the quality of the total FSMS performance of the hotel and AHDO caliber
  • AHDO professional team responsibilities and objectives will include;
    • Food safety internal audit, will be conducted monthly evaluate the applied FSMS,
    • Food safety action plans,
    • Food safety team meetings (FSTM),
    • On spot check and Coaching; on daily basis to ensure that the FSMS is working satisfactorily,
    • Pest control follow up,
    • Suppliers audits, and
    • Managerial support; including food poisoning allegation investigation and handling.
  • Food Safety Training:
    • Off job training programs:
      1. Food Hygiene Awareness,
      2. Basic Food Hygiene,
      3. Personal Hygiene,
      4. Cleaning and Disinfection,
      5. Temperature Control,
      6. Food Pest Management.
    • On job training program
      1. Receiving Procedures
      2. Correct Hand Washing Procedures,
      3. Gloves Using,
      4. Cross Contamination,
      5. Cleaning and Disinfection,
      6. Record Keeping.
  • The above mentioned tasks and objectives are planned to cover various Food Safety Management System (FSMS) stages including;
    1. Establishment,
    2. Implementation,
    3. Monitoring, and Verification 
  • Outsourced Food Safety Department services will cover the whole food handling areas; receiving, stores, preparation, cooking, holding, display, transportation, staff facilities and supplier audits.