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Audits play a key role in verifying proper food safety practices at food and beverage processing facilities. AHDO – Hygiene & Hospitality Sector performs hundreds of food safety audits every year, and has earned a reputation for thorough, non-biased and accurate auditing, and actionable audit reports.


The Food Safety Audit Report:


Our food safety audit report is the richest of its kind in helpful statistics and scores.  It is developed in a way that helps the management, together with the food handling team, to spot and highlight deviations and identify responsibilities. This, in its turn, facilitates and paves the way to effective and continual improvement.


The scoring system applied in our food safety audit reports enables our clients to detect various food safety areas and conditions such as;



  • HP – Hygienic Practices Score: this gives actual indications of food handlers performance.
  • CL – Cleaning Score: this gives the actual indications of the performance of the stewarding/cleaning team in addition to the hygienic environment conditions.
  • M – Maintenance Score: this gives indications of the maintenance team performance and maintenance conditions.
  • Each Section Score: this highlights areas that require food safety procedures review and enhancement.
  • Audit Score: this shows average score for all food handling areas.




Microbiological Analysis Report


The Auditing process includes food sampling for microbiological analysis which enables the management to validate the effectiveness of the applied food safety management system. The microbiological score represents 25% of the overall audit score. This makes the final score of the audit really indicative and a valid tool used by the management to assess the performance of the food handlers and the efficiency of the applied control measures.



AHDO Food Safety Criteria Complied Certificates:




  • Monthly Certificate: this certificate is being awarded upon meeting AHDO food safety complying criteria.

Cases that prevent the award of monthly certificate:

  1. failure in achieving a score ≥ 81.
  2. the detection of expired food items.
  3. the detection of pests except flies in only the Receiving Area, Garbage Room, and open areas.
  4. the nonconforming detection of pathogens in the food samples; Staph. aureus, E. coli, Salmonella spp., or any other pathogen.
  • AHDO Food Safety Trophy Award: this Trophy is being awarded only when a premise achieves 6 consecutive monthly certificates.
  • CACAC Award: Codex Alimentarius Conforming Assessment Certificate. This award is an AHDO-Swiss Approval International Certificate and is being awarded upon achieving 12 consecutive certificates.