Hygiene & Hospitality Sector
1. Auditing
2. Food Safety Consultation; System establishment, Implementation and Verification
3. Second Party Audit
4. Legionella Protocol
5. Sampling
6. Food Poisoning Incidents Investigation
7. Sushi Safety Program
Arab Development Academy
ADA, AHDO training center, is the only body in Egypt to be internationally approved by Hieghfield – UK to deliver 100% of the food safety, HACCP, and Auditing and Inspection Skills related programs and qualifications for all types of food business; manufacturing, catering and retail.
Green Control Service
With our systematic and scientific-based approach, good experts, latest techniques, tools and pesticides, we guarantee you the maximum effective treatment and ongoing management.
We do assess your property, implement the safest HACCP-based treatment, monitor and verify our service to ensure the best consistent protection.
Cleaning Smart Solutions
Relying on traditional cleaning staff members might subject the premise to a high turnover and inexperienced members due to lack of professional calibers. This is no more as CSS, will provide you with the perfect job and save you any suffering.
A perfectly cleaned and safe environment is guaranteed by AHDO.
Hospitality Soft Skills
AHDO Hospitality Soft Skills Sector developed training programs in this regard to enhance the performance and customer experience. This set of training programs is intended to help hospitality business to increase customers’ satisfaction and thus market share.
Manufacturing Smart Solutions
Not only emphasize the systems problems but we also provide the effective and efficient solutions by our consulting services.
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